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Carrington College - Tucson, ArizonaKnown as "The Old Pueblo", Tucson, AZ is also famous for hosting a wide variety of annual cultural events and fairs. Located in the heart of Tucson, Carrington College offers prospective students a number of degree and diploma options in the field of health care.

Attending health care school is a great step forward in your career, and you've probably got some questions. Is there scholarship money available? How long will it take? Where do I start? Let us help you fill in the blanks to any questions you might have.

Below is just some basic information about Carrington College's health care program, but if you really want to learn more, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you answer any additional questions about how to apply, costs, financial aid, entrance requirements, and scholarship availability.

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Carrington College – Tucson
3550 North Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85705


About Carrington College

Focusing on practical, real-world educational experiences, Carrington College offers degree and diploma programs that feature small class sizes (typically 15-24 students). In addition to small class sizes, students at Carrington College benefit from instructors that focus on hands-on experience and lively interaction.

Tucson, Arizona Health Care StudentFocused on the classroom and community, Carrington College has developed strong relationships with the health care industry. As graduates are actively recruited by leading health care institutions, students at Carrington College are free to take advantage of all the services offered by the Career Services Department. At Carrington College, the focus is on student achievement and success.

Physical Therapy Technician

Preparing graduates to seek entry-level employment as a Physical Therapy Technician in a clinic, physician's office, nursing home, rehab center, or community center, the Physical Therapy Technician Program at Carrington also provides the opportunity to train and test as a Personal Trainer.

In addition to planning therapy regiments that may include exercise, electrical stimulation, massage, and ultrasound, Physical Therapy students at Carrington College also learn how to help patients recover from injuries and illness.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Consisting of practical training and classroom instruction, the Medical Administrative Assistant program at Carrington College culminates with a 240-hour externship in a clinic or physician's office.

In addition to learning about manual office systems, microcomputers, and secretarial skills, graduates of this program will also learn about the computer software and systems used in medical offices and practices. In addition, coursework will focus on accounting methods, database management, word processing, and the use of spreadsheets.

Medical Office Management

An Associate of Applied Science curriculum, the Medical Office Management program is designed to prepare graduates to seek entry level employment in a medical clinic, health care facility, hospital, or other health care related organization.

In addition to learning management and leadership skills, students of this program will learn the skills needed in order to plan office procedures, supervise personnel, handle customer service, and develop office policies. Areas of study also include accounting, computer applications, and human resources.

Veterinary Assistant

Equipping students with the skills needed in order to provide nursing care for animals under the direction of a veterinarian, the Veterinary Assistant program at Carrington College teaches the basics of anatomy, first aid, surgical prep, emergency and routine care, and basic nursing techniques.

In addition to learning how animals communicate, this course of study also deals with the life cycles of animals, and the skills of teamwork and communication.

Massage Therapy

The massage therapy program at Carrington College offers a diploma after the completion of 30 credit hours of course work. Students will be introduced to the study of human anatomy and physiology gaining a thorough knowledge of the implications of muscular and skeletal manipulations.

Course work also includes lessons in the business of massage and an introduction to professional ethics and communication. The massage therapy program at Carrington focuses primarily on the study of Swedish massage techniques. Other therapeutic techniques will also be examined. Carrington College emphasizes specific competencies that have been identified as critical for success as a massage therapist.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Tucson, Arizona Medical Assistant StudentA hands-on curriculum that includes a year-long monitored internship at a health care facility or laboratory, the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Carrington College trains students to perform a variety of lab procedures, determining their outcome along the way.

In addition, Medical Laboratory Technician students will learn how the body relates to the various tests and procedures being performed, whether working directly with patients, or in a lab environment.

Medical Assistant

Preparing graduates to seek entry-level employment in a clinic, nursing home, health care center, or physician's office, the Medical Assistant program at Carrington College is a hands-on curriculum. In addition to practical experience and an externship, this program also provides classroom lectures and clinical instruction.

Fitness Training

Preparing graduates to seek employment in fitness studios, health clubs, rehab centers, or as personal trainers, the Fitness Technician program at Carrington College focuses on developing the creativity and determination that fitness technicians require.

In addition to learning how to design and develop personal fitness and nutrition programs, graduates of this program will be able to energize, motivate, and encourage their clients, all the while understanding new equipment and fitness techniques.

Dental Assistant

Preparing graduates to seek entry-level employment as a front office receptionist, dental assistant, or dental office manager, the Dental Assistant program at Carrington College consists of classroom instruction and skills training.

In addition, student will apply techniques learned in labs and lectures through a 240-hour externship. Upon graduation, students are eligible to take a state x-ray certification, which is strongly recommended for Dental Assistants.

Medical Billing and Coding

For those interested in pursuing a career as a claims clerk, patient and hospital biller, medical biller, medical secretary, or hospital admitting representative, the Medical Billing and Coding program at Carrington College is the perfect option. Learning the skills needed in order to track, transmit, and report claims, graduates of this program will receive practical and hands-on training in a insurance or medical facility.

Pharmacy Technician

Consisting of classroom instruction, practical training, and a 260-hour externship, the Pharmacy Technician program at Carrington College focuses on the skills needed in order to assist a licensed pharmacist in a medical or retail setting. In addition to learning the terminology used in the pharmaceutical and medical environments, students will also learn about medicine dispensing, charting, and abbreviations. In addition, students will learn about dosages, dosage forms, and medicine strengths.

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The Tucson campus is a well-equipped facility, allowing students to study and practice clinical activities in safety and comfort. Carrington College strives to ensure that the learning environment in every campus is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, to ensure that students are receiving the highest quality of training available.


Consisting of professionals in their field, the faculty at Carrington College are prepared to share the knowledge they've gained through their own careers in the exciting field of massage therapy. With classroom and lab work alike, instructors at Carrington College teach in a practical, "hands-on" manner, equipping students through learn-by-doing approach to education.

Financial Aid

Students attending Carrington College are eligible for financial aid and are free to apply for the identical federal grants and loans that are available to students of any major university. Applicants to the massage therapy program at Carrington College will have their applications reviewed by a financial aid officer at the school who will consider each situation individually.

In addition to a wide variety of state and federal financial aid programs, Carrington participates in other alternative loan programs. If students are eligible, these can be used as an additional source of funding for tuition, books, and tools.


Carrington College's Tucson campus is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award Associate of Science degrees, Associate of Occupational Studies degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Going to School in Tucson, AZ

This historical city started as an American Indian farming community and then became a Spanish outpost. During its territorial days, Tucson became host to a robust railway hub and soon evolved from an arid frontier town into the thriving metropolis that you see today.

Tucson, ArizonaWith its diverse cultural roots, Tucson has many things to offer in architecture, food, archeology and art. For instance you can dine out at hundreds of original restaurants that employ some of the finest chefs in the world. There are a plethora of art galleries, museums, and public art, concerts and theater events.

Tucson is also home to the Accenture Match Play Championship where 64 of the world’s top golfers play off for an $8 million dollar purse. Moreover, Tucson plays host to three major league baseball teams during spring training.

Tucson also provides a beautiful outdoor experience including a mild year-round climate. Residents enjoy camping, hiking and a myriad of outdoor activities such as bird watching and astronomy in the pristine wilderness that surrounds the city.

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